Welcoming expats

Administrative steps


We help foreign employees prepare for their stay in France

  • Welcome at a station or airport
  • Booking a hotel
  • Hiring a car
  • Area orientation day


We support expats in order to help them move in quickly and integrate smoothly into their new surroundings

  • Accommodation:

– Looking for temporary accommodation
– Looking for rented accommodation
– Looking for properties to buy

  • Getting set up:

– Preparing your accommodation
– Looking for schools
– Opening a bank account
– Help with furnishing a property
– Personalised help with getting set up



We offer solutions which are specially adapted for expats

  • Clients are assigned one bilingual counsellor dedicated to taking care of their whole move
  • Help with specialised administrative steps:
    – Applying for a residence permit
    – Opening a bank account
    – Taking out insurance
    – Registering for a Social Security number
    – URSSAF (Organisations for the Collection of Social Security and Family Benefit Contributions)
    – Registering for state benefits (CAF)
    – Exchanging a driving licence
    – Registering a vehicle

We offer advice in order to determine the best procedure to follow according to each employee’s situation. We collect the necessary documents and fill out your application ready to be handed in to the appropriate administrative bodies. We monitor each application and assist the client until all the necessary official documents have been obtained.

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