From conducting the property search to carrying out all the social and administrative steps necessary for the move, Home Explorer offers a custom-built solution adapted to your needs.

Why choose Home Explorer?

  • Because your performance depends on the success of your employees’ moves

  • To encourage employees to commit more fully to the company’s HR policy

  • To show how much you value people and enable them to integrate more quickly

  • For the professionalism of our consultants

  • Our services are adapted to all types of moves: individual or collective

  • We can help with recruitments, transfers and expatriations, and can act as a liaison with national or international service providers


A few of our services:

Orientation day:

This personalised day includes visits to residences and districts in order to help orientate the employee and his family in choosing a place to live. 
This discovery period is particularly useful for expatriates.

Moving assistance:

Drawing up and approving a list of specifications with the employee; property search for renting or buying; pre-selection of residences to buy or rent; assistance until the signature of the lease or completion of the sale; 
administrative steps including inventory of fixtures, connections and subscriptions to contracts for electricity, gas, water, etc.

Help with moving: (renting a vehicle and packaging materials, professional assistance, etc).

Help with schools:

Advice on the different schools available, with meetings arranged and accompaniment. Pre-registration with schools.
 Research on childcare, extracurricular facilities.

Help with red tape:

Accompaniment to the prefecture for residence cards.
 Vehicle registration and driver’s licence compliance requirements for non-Europeans. 
Opening bank accounts.
 CAF procedures.

Miscellaneous: Help with buying a vehicle, furniture

Help with departures:

  • Terminating the lease and all other contracts

  • Departure inventory

  • Return of keys

  • Return of deposit

  • Closing bank accounts

  • Forwarding post

Home Explorer, mobility facilitator