The property research fees are payable on the day you complete the sale with a notary.

Fees vary from 2% to 3% of the value of the property, with a minimum of €2,500.

If the property is found through a partner estate agency, there is no extra cost, as it is the agency that pays the fee to Home Explorer.


The property research fees are payable the day you sign the lease.
 Fees begin at €950, depending on the type of service you require. 
Home Explorer can also represent you at the inventory of fixtures and take care of changing contracts for you: electricity, gas, water.
 A personalised study of your project will be made systematically beforehand.

Home Explorer helps you to check all your rights in terms of mobility aid and carries out the necessary steps so you can claim: Mobili-pass,* Mobili-jeune*, avance Loca-pass, Loca-pass GLI.

*subject to conditions